What are the right Cardboard materials to use for the Custom printed Frozen Food boxes ?


With the frozen foods market being so wide and diverse, it’s important to have packaging that will stand out and appeal to your consumers! However, the boxes or packages should be durable enough to handle the cold of freezers. Great packages begin with the right material, and yet it can deliver performance, quality and reliability for the product it houses. Paper cardboard comes in several different grades that possess unique characteristics making each grade suitable for different packaging requirements and needs. The SBS paper cardboard (solid bleached sulfate) is a premium coated paperboard grade that is produced from a furnish containing at least 80 percent virgin bleached wood pulp. Most bleached paperboard is coated with a thin layer of kaolin clay to improve its printing surface. Another consideration during thawing is the impact of thawing on the food boxes or packaging materials. The materials for frozen food boxes may deteriorate or weaken during the thawing process as moisture and drip from the products permeates or soaks into the boxes material. These boxes or cases may become soft, and have the potential to collapse as the products inside shrink and soften.

Box Printing Company has considered all of those!

When it comes to be a frozen food products boxes, we would be using the SBS cardboard 24pt (0.024”) and Gloss UV coating applied would suggested. Not only for enhancing the product images, but it is also to increase the boxes life and durability. Our customizable printing will allow you to take charge and define how your consumers see your frozen food line. Box Printing Company can help you create custom branded frozen food boxes that are high quality and aesthetically pleasing! For more information regarding any special additional features to your Custom Printed Frozen Food Boxes, such as spot UV coating, hot stamp foiling, or embossing, feel free to contact us for more details.


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